Indian History | History of Jodhpur in English -

Indian History | History of Jodhpur in English


History of Jodhpur in English

History of Jodhpur in Hindi:-  दोस्तों जैसा की आपको टाइटल से ही पता चल गया होगा किस आज हम किसके बारे में बात कर रहे है । तो हां दोस्तों, आज हम History of Jodhpur, Important General Knowledge Question AnswerModern History Handwritten Notes in Hindi  में आपसे अपने ज्ञान को साझा कर रहे है। History of Jodhpur in HindiGK Question AnswerJodhpur History Notes For All Competitive Exams के हस्तलिखित लेख यानि नोट्स भी साझा कर रहे है। Jodhpur History Notes Questions and Answers  दोस्तों आज के इस पोस्ट में हम आपको राजस्थान राज्य के जोधपुर जिले के राजवंश के बारे में जानकारी दे रहे है जो हो सकता है की आपके परीक्षाओ में आपके काम आ जाये। और ये सभी नोट्स हिंदी और इंग्लिश दोनों ही माध्यमों में हमारी वेबसाइट पर उपलब्ध करवाई जाती है ।

Jodhpur History Handwritten Notes in Hindi


History of Jodhpur

Friends, today we are going to share with you the knowledge of the history of Jodhpur and we have tried our best to give you accurate and complete and correct information. In this, we have explained the reign of the kings and their wars and the work done by them, how they originated and which kings ruled for how long they ruled. Friends, you keep visiting and keep earning knowledge on new topics

  1. (1) Origin
  2. (2) Rathores of Jodhpur

(1) Origin:-

Different historians have given different information about their origin, which is as follows

The great historian Colonel James Todd considers him to be from the Suryavanshi clan

According to the great historian Mohjot Nansi, in the battle of Chandwar in 1994 AD, Muhammad Ghori ended the Jaichand Gahadwal of Kannauj, a few years later the Rathore dynasty was established in the 13th century
They were supported by the famous Prithviraj Raso of Jodhpur State

Whereas other historians tell the kings of Jodhpur to be related to the branch of Bandayu, while they do not tell them to be related to the branch of Kannauj, but the Rathors of Bandayu are their separate chandravanshi

Top Notes

Rathor of Jodhpur:-

Beginning of Jodhpur History According to the Deval inscription of Puravasiha Bindu village (Pali), Raosiha was the son of Kunwar Setram and Rao Singh was the son of Rao Chuda

Rao Chuda

Rao Chuda was the son of Veeramdev, Rao Chuda was a respected ruler in history. Ruler Rao Chuda made Mandore the capital of Rathoras

Rao Ranmal

Rao Ranmal’s rule was from 1427 to 1438 AD, Rao Ranmal’s sister’s name was Hansabai, Rao Ranmal married his sister to Rana Lakha and the marriage was done according to the condition, the condition was that Mewar was born from him He would become the successor and in 1421 AD, Rana Lakha died

Rao Jodha

Rao Jodha’s father’s name was Rao Ranmal and Rao Jodha’s reign was from 1453 AD to 1489, when Rao Jodha’s father died, after that Rao Jodha became the new ruler of Jodhpur and after some years Rao Jodha built a fort in Jodhpur. Planned to build and named this fort Mehrangarh. This fort is built on a hill, the name of this hill is Chidiya Tonk Hill. This mountain comes in the category of fortThis Mehrangarh fort is also known by other names, Mayurdhwajgarh, Mordhwajgad, and Gad Chitamani are other names

Indian and World History 

This fort and its palace are excellent examples of Rajput architecture. 20 to 150 feet high walls have been built around this Mehrangarh fort. And these walls are built up to 12 to 20 feet wide, this fort has two entrances, the entrance which is in the north-east of it is called Jaipol and the gate which is in the south-west is called Fatehpol. There is a salt library, in this fort, there are also cannons whose names are as follows, Nagpal, Ghazni Khan, Vyadhi, Mirak Chang, Mir Baks, Rahasya Kala, and Gajak

Dr. Ojha Rao considers Jodha to be the first majestic king, of Jodhpur

Rao Ganga

 session period was from 1515 to 1532 when Khanwa’s war took place during his reign, Rao sent 4000 soldiers along with his son Rao Mandev in Ganga and helped Rana Sanga

Rao Maldev

Rao Maldev’s reign was from 1532 to 1562,  Maldev’s coronation took place in Sojat, which is now in district Pali Rajasthan when  Maldev became the ruler of Jodhpur, Himayu was the Mughal emperor of Delhi at that time

The famous battle of  Maldev is the battle of Giri Sumail, the exact date of this battle is 5 January 1544. This war took place between Maldev and Sher Shah, in which Sher Shah Suri won with great difficulty

Rao Chandra Sen

Rao Chandra Sen’s reign lasted between 1562 and 1581, Rao Chandrasen’s father’s name was  Maldev. And mother’s name was given as Rani Swaroop, at the time of Rao Chandrasen, there was a war of Lohawat, this war was fought between Udai Singh and Chandra Sen, Vijay Chandra Sen was in this war

When Rao Chandrasen was the king of Jodhpur, a Nagaur court was held in Nagaur, in this court it was decided that a pond should be dug. And then a pond was dug and it was named Shukratalab

Chandra Sen was called the forgotten hero of Marwar

Motoraja Udai Singh

The reign of Udai Singh was considered from 1583 to 1595, his father’s name was Rao Chandrasen


Sursingh’s reign lasted from 1595 to 1619. The ritual of sustaining Sursingh was completed in Lahore, due to this reason Sursingh was made Mansab 2000 Jat and 2000 Sawar, Sursingh had honored Akbar with the title of Sawai Raja in 1604

Gaj Singh

His reign lasted from 1619 to 1638. In 1619, there was a ritual of fine in Burhanpur

Maharaja Jaswant Singh I

The reign of Maharaja Jaswant Singh was from 1638 to 1678, during the time of Jaswant Singh, the war of Dharwat took place, this war was fought between the four sons of the Mughal emperor of Delhi (1) Dashshikoh (2) Shahsuja (3) Aurangzeb (4) Murad or among themselves to become kings. Jaswant Singh was in favor of Darsiko but was not in favor of Aurangzeb

When Maharaja Jaswant Singh died, Aurangzeb had said that today the door of Kufr was broken, Kufr means one who is an anti-religious person

Ajit Singh

The reign of Maharaja Ajit Singh lasted from 1679 to 1724. Ajit Singh was born in 1679. Ajit Singh was made together by Raja Veer Durgadas and other Rathor chieftains

At the time of Raja Ajit Singh, there was the Debari agreement, at that time there was Raja Ajit Singh of Jodhpur and he had succeeded Raja Sawai Jai Singh

दोस्तों जहा तक हो सके हमने सही और सटीक जानकारी दि है फिर भी अगर कोई समस्या या सुझाव है तो हमें पर मेल करके सूचित करे ।

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