Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for www.pdfgovtexam.com

This Privacy Policy is effective on the users registered after a certain date.
This Policy tells about our policies on the use, collection, and information discloser regarding your use of our website, emails, or our application. The term ‘WE, Us, Our’ is referred to pdfgovtexam.com. It is assumed that you consent to us while using our site.
Users Obligations:
The users are agreed to use the site to post questions, comment, and discuss the matter in a proper manner. By way of example, you agree and undertake that when using the Website, you will not.
1. Violate the legal rights of others by defaming, abusing, harassing, stalking, or threatening.
2. Post or publish or upload any post through any bookmark, tag, or keyword.
3. Upload the files containing the software which is intellectually protected by any law. You can do so if you own the right of any such kind.
4. Distribute or upload with viruses, corrupted files inside, or any other program that may damage the website.
5. Forward any survey or conduct any contest or even pyramid scheme.
6. Download any file that you know uploaded by others.
7. Falsify, delete or alter any attributions of the author or proprietary designations or labels for the origin or medium software.
8. Violate any code of conduct or any other guidelines applicable to any particular service.
A) Collection of Information and use :
We may store the information you submit to us through our site. We may also store the information regarding your use of the site
License Grant:
You are supposed to have granted the royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, and non-exclusive license to the pdfgovtexam.com to use, reproduce, modify, translate, distribute, perform or display the communications or any other posts.
Among the information we collect, please note:
1. Account Information: Your name, email, zip code, and other information like gender or date of birth may be stored with us if you create an account with us. You may modify the information you provided. You may optionally provide us with the information through third-party sign-in services like Twitter, Google Plus, or Facebook.
2. Content: All the content whether it is your comment, questions, or remark that you post on the site is subject to be shared or it is deemed to be intended for public consumption. We may display this communication further among a wider audience.
3. Search The search terms or the results, your duration of stay, and the features of choice.
4. Communication: Your communication with other users through the site may be stored in order to process and deliver them. Your phone number, phone carrier, date, or time may be logged if you send a message from the site to your phone via SMS text.
5. Site activity: Your activity on the site like your search, stay, comments, date, time, views may be stored and further may be used for business purposes. Some information regarding your phone or device may also be stored, it may include your IP address, mobile carrier, unique device identifier, location, and referring URLs.
B. Cookies:
We with our third-party partners may use cookies and similar technology in connection with the use of your site. These cookies are small data files that are available in emails or other web pages they can transmit your information regarding your use of the site such as your browser type date, time, device, etc.
C. intellectual property rights
Our website that is www.pdfgovtexam.com includes content like text, photographs, PDF and these are the copyright and intellectual right of www.pdfgovtexam.com, and know right or title or interest can be shared with the user. The user may not reproduce it commercially or unauthorized in any form by means of publication, transmission, distribution. www.pdfgovtexam.com reserves the right to remove or discard any copyrighted content.
D. Third party
Your information may be shared with third parties as follows:
1. Aggregate information the aggregate information like the advertisers and content distributed the number of users and the number of clicks on the advertisement may be shared third parties.
2. Links: we do not share your personal information with unaffiliated third-party websites but we suggest you go through the privacy policy once.
3. Facebook and Twitter: if you are logged into Facebook but not logged into the site even then your information from Facebook or Twitter can be easily received in order to create your account on the site.
4. Controlling y personal data: You can control your personal data by using the site with another name.
5. Third parties content: www.pdfgovtexam.com is not a publisher it is similar to an internet service provider and distributes the content supplied by third and users. It does not have editorial control our such control. We do not guarantee the accuracy completeness or usefulness of any content published. Sometimes the content may be of respective information providers, users that do not come under contract with www.pdfgovtexam.com. www.pdfgovtexam.com does not endorse or is responsible for the accuracy, reliability of statement opinions made on the site.
www.pdfgovtexam.com is not liable for any loss or damage caused by the user’s reliance it is up to the user to evaluate the accuracy, usefulness of any opinion, advice available on the website

If you have not executed a written agreement at www.pdfgovtexam.com, you may not be provided with the hyperlink to the website.
6. a generally accepted industry standard is followed by us to protect the information received by us
7. Termination: The license of the user may be terminated by us without notice. We have the sole rights to change modify, add or delete the terms and conditions/privacy policy. All the users are expected to view the terms and conditions from time to time. These obligations can be relived in abnormal cases like cybercrime acts of God, natural disasters, strikes, or other disputes.
8. Dispute resolution: All the policies and the contents thereof having constructed according to the law of India. All the disputes should be tried to resolve amicably. In case it is not resolved with negotiation either party shall be entitled to refer to dispute arbitration with the jurisdiction of Jaipur.
All the information is stored in India in other servers around the globe.

9. Third parties and policy: The third parties may display add to you based on your interest and your use of application. Opting out of interest based advertisement does not means that you will no longer receive on online advertisement.
10. Modification to the privacy policy
This privacy policy may be revised from to time to time and the notification of which will be made available on the site or through image.